1912: On February 29 1912 the Société du parle français en Saskatchewan is founded in Duck Lake, in June the name will be changed to the Association franco-canadienne de la Saskatchewan

1913: The association becomes the Franco-Canadian Catholic Association (ACFC)

1917: An interprovincial association is set up to facilitate the recruitment of French-speaking teachers

1952: Opening of French-language radio stations CFRG (Gravelbourg) and CFNS (Saskatoon)

1964: The ACFC is renamed the Franco-Canadian Cultural Association of Saskatchewan and retains its acronym (ACFC)

1968: The Education Act allows the creation of designated French language schools.

1971: First edition of l’Eau Vive, the only French-language weekly in Saskatchewan, under the supervision of the ACFC

1980: Creation of the French Language Minority Office BMLO at the Ministry of Education

1986: The ACFC takes over the defense of the Mercure case heard at the Supreme Court of Canada

1988: The Court of Queen's Bench rules that the minority has the right to manage its schools

           Signing of the first Canada-Fransaskois community agreement

1999: Change of name from Association culturelle franco-canadienne de la Saskatchewan (ACFC) to Assemblée communautaire fransaskoise (ACF) and establishment of a new governance structure.

2003: Beginning of the Francophone Health Network in Saskatchewan

2005: Establishment of the Immigration sector at the ACF

2006: Publication of the Report of the Commission on the inclusion within the Fransaskois community

2012: The provincial government declares 2012 the « Year of the Fransaskois »