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Logo description

The Acronym

The initials "A"  "C" "F" presents the acronym for the Assemblée Communautaire Fransaskoise.

Placing the letter "C" first emphasizes the word "community".  It is the notion of returning to the base of our organization to represent the Fransaskois and Fransaskois. The letters are in lowercase to represent an approachable organization.


The design

In the design, one can imagine several stylized images. We see a flower that opens and grows: the stem and the leaves are green, the petals are yellow and the stigma (the peak) is red. The various elements of the design are also symbols of the Fransaskois governance structure. The green rods represent the Fransaskois population and the impetus behind the ACF. Above is a person with open arms, signifying the inclusive nature of the ACF.


The Colours

The colours are those found on the Fransaskois flag. Yellow, Green, Red



The logo can be reproduced in different ways. First, in three colours and one colour, either green or black.

Moreover, it is possible to separate the drawing and the text by reproducing them in the official colours of the ACF.