Code of conduct

Ethical Precepts of Elected  Members.

1 - Must be motivated primarily by a burning desire to serve, with all their abilities, the Fransaskois community.

2 - Must endeavour to attend all meetings of the Assembly of Community Deputies and those of the committees on which he or she sits.

3 - Shall recognize that expenditures from budgeted funds are a public legacy and shall strive to ensure that these funds are spent efficiently, economically and beneficially to the association and the community.

4 - Must not promote, in whole or in part, the programming, for its own purposes or for the benefit of family members or friends.

5 - Must strive to maintain the integrity, trust and dignity required of the position of Community Member of Parliament.

6 - Must listen to any intervention by other members of the Assembly of Community Deputies as well as other stakeholders or organizations before making a final decision.

7 - Shall strive to avoid rancour and bitterness, adopt fair behaviour and decorum, encourage open and honest discussion in all matters with all members of the Assembly, treat them with respect and compassion, and not withhold or conceal from them any information that concerns them.

8 - Shall not make any disparaging remark either inside or outside a meeting of the Assembly, with regard to other members of the Assembly of Community Deputies or their opinion, without neglecting their right to provide constructive criticism.

9 - Must recognize that the Assembly of Community Deputies is the primary authority in the context of its functions.

10 - Must recognize that the Assembly of Community Deputies is responsible for making decisions and must respect the decisions once taken by the Assembly. During an election, community deputies are free to state or support the opinion of minority voices expressed during the deliberations of these decisions.

11 - Shall not discuss confidential matters of the Assembly of Community Deputies in his home or in public places or at his place of work, such discussions being reserved for meetings of the Assembly or those of the committees.

12 - Must make an effort to learn about important developments in the community, in their electoral district, and in their sector and take an interest in any issue that affects the Francophonie.

13 - Must strive to understand the expectations and needs of the administration and take them into account in their decision-making.

14 - Must strive to be open to the needs of other Fransaskois electoral districts and other sectors.