Who we are

For more than 100 years, the Assemblée communautaire fransaskoise  (ACF) has advocated for the French fact in Saskatchewan.

The role and influence of the ACF are to pursue the continued development of the Fransaskois community and to defend its linguistic interests. Thanks to the ACF's impact and actions, Francophones in the province of Saskatchewan have access to essential services that help ensure their survival as a linguistic community.

The stories on this site offer some testimonials from people who are fully invested in the development of the Francophonie in Saskatchewan.


The Assemblée communautaire fransaskoise (ACF), advocates for the Fransaskois community and provides leadership in the development, growth and influence of this community in collaboration with the Fransaskois network and its partners.


The mandate of the ACF is expressed through several axes, namely:

LINGUISTIC PROMOTION: Promotion of the French language and defence of the rights and assets of the community.

REPRESENTATION: Representation of the community with various levels of government.

CONSULTATION: Promote and cultivate the consultation and collaboration of all community components.

COLLABORATION: Collaborative participation in the advancement of the community through the Community Development Plan.

CAPACITY BUILDING: Supports capacity building for the entire Fransaskois community.

Primary objectives

- The recognition and defence of the rights and aspirations of the Fransaskois community;

- Fransaskois visibility and influence within Saskatchewan society;

- Equity between the two (2) official language communities in Canada;

- Consultation between the components of the Fransaskois community;

- Support for all components of the Fransaskois community to ensure overall development;

- Maintain a collective awareness of the French language and Fransaskois culture.