Francophone immigration services

Francophone immigration is an important issue for the Fransaskois community, and the Assemblée communautaire fransaskoise seeks to mobilize member organizations of the Fransaskois network to promote collaboration on this file. According to the 2021 Canadian population census, the Fransaskois community has 16,435 people whose first language learned is French. The same census counts more than 52,000 residents of the province who can speak French in Saskatchewan.

Like other Francophone minority communities elsewhere in Canada, the Fransaskois community depends heavily on immigration to renew the population and maintain its demographic weight. The objective is, among other things, to give French-speaking newcomers a taste for settling in Saskatchewan and achieving their life goals within its Francophone community.

The ACF promotes the province of Saskatchewan, seeks to promote Francophone immigration and advocates to increase the number of Francophones admitted annually to Saskatchewan.

By offering activities, workshops and follow-up meetings, the staff at SAIF-SK and the Welcoming Francophone Communities of Moose Jaw and Gravelbourg seek to facilitate the inclusion of Francophone newcomers within the Fransaskois community.

The Francophone Immigration Network (RIF-SK), one of 13 Francophone immigration networks in Canada, facilitates the development of services and resources in order to promote the welcoming and inclusion of French-speaking permanent residents in Saskatchewan.